Stefan Erbe – Sounds of my Comfort sone 2012


Released: 2012 By Stefan Erbe

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  1. Sound of Sky
  2. Sound of Stars
  3. Nostromo (Alien)
  4. Kontakt (Close Encounters of the third kind)
  5. Farbwechsel
  6. Xenice
  7. Merkur (a tragedy) Trancer Spacey remix
  8. Sound of Red Northern Lights
  9. Selektronisch
  10. Saturn Rings (the Quiet Earth)
  11. Circles (Tron)
  12. Sound of a Galaxy
  13. Lichtspruch (Raumpatrouille Orion)
  14. Sound of a Pulsar
  15. Good News

Brand new CD by Stefan Erbe

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