Stefan Erbe + Steve Baltes – Electric garden


Released: 2017 By Stefan Erbe

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  1. Cold flowers
  2. Violed
  3. Gradient
  4. The element of gold
  5. Liquid plants
  6. Electric garden
  7. Clicker
  8. Polyaural
  9. Only one step
  10. Basic lifeform (the universe in your hand)

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / synth&

    S-thetic had took the small and always very wonderful universe of EM by surprise in 2015. The fusion between the styles charmingly opposite of Steve Baltes and Steve Erbe was in perfect balance. And the soft flavors of Steve Baltes’ wonderful album Bochum Sky, appeared in 2014, which were roaming on this album have embalmed S-thetic of a sound and musical veil as dense as profoundly seducing for the ears eager for a fauna of multicolored sounds. So, the bar was very high for Steve Baltes and Steve Erbe. And they knew it! Therefore, Electric Garden needed to be dissociated from it a little to have its own identity. And it ended very successfully! Less hard-hitting than S-thetic, Electric Garden stages these dislocated rhythms that Ashra put down in our ears during the period of Blackouts. Rhythms which serve as support for some delicious dance of arpeggios which reminds me the very beautiful harmonious era of Jean-Michel Jarre in Arpeggiator. And all in all, Electric Garden ends to be a very beautiful album of ambient trance and rhythm where this skillful mixture of Jarre and Ashra is as much improbable as highly fascinating.

    A wave waltzing of its brilliant blue sings like a metallic rooster in order to make lift the charmingly undulatory rhythm of Cold Flowers”. Another synth line

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