Steve Baltes – Bochum Sky


Released: 2014 By MellowJet Records

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  1. Bochum Sky 1 [35:24]
  2. Bochum Sky 2 [24:53]
  3. Bochum Sky 3 [10:23]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Member of Ashra during the 97 tour and partner of Harald Grosskpof in Sunya Beat and Holo Syndrome’s albums as well as the too good Vier Mal Drei in 2001, Steve Baltes goes his own sweet way through the roads of EM by bringing with him his mastery for rhythms and keys in diverse musical projects introduced by other artists. He proclaims itself, rightly, as being a musician to the service of others. And in every project where he puts his collaboration, the music breathed of rhythms and arrangements just as much lively than harmonious. The roles are inversed for Bochum Sky. Steve Baltes has rather answered the invitation of a friend to participate in the Sound of Sky event, set up by Stefan Erbe, which took place on July 13th, 2013. For the occasion he has written and performed three long sonic acts strongly impregnated by the model of Ashra with structures of rhythms which flirt between space funk and of cosmic techno and which dissociate themselves from their shadows in order to flow in opposite directions. It’s a first album in 14 years, either since Rhythm of Life, for Steve Baltes. And let’s just hope that it won’t be that long before we hear from him again!

    Hollow winds which hoot and others more metallic which squeal! It’s with a dense thick cloud of shrill scarlet tones that Steve Baltes decides to draw our attention. The intro of this long first act of Bochum Sky is very realistic of an interstellar sky where comets, stars and sedimentary residues whistle, rumble and throb in a din which scratches a few those very helmeted ears. Bells, small bells and carillons flutter and ring in these winds where are hiding the first pulsations of Bochum Sky I” which throb as much weakly as slyly. Subtly

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