Steve Jolliffe – Poland


Released: 2006 By Victor J. Rek

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  1. Spring ’67 [28:56]
  2. Meadow Run [12:58]
  3. Komarno [22:46]

Ricochet gathering 2004 with 1967 TD excerpt

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  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Most Tangerine Dream fans know that Steve Jolliffe was a member of Tangerine Dream briefly in 1978 when Cyclone was released. What they may not know is that he was also a member during the earliest days of TD, touring with them in 1967. In what is sure to be a real treat and surprise for diehard fans, Jolliffes disc Poland includes a nearly 29-minute piece of music from this time period. The recording quality is relatively good, and the music is as bold and daring as one might expect from such an early manifestation of the band.

    Jolliffe plays flute, piano and electronics, with Edgar Froese on guitar. The resulting cacophony of krautrock that ensues is at turns breathtaking, rough, and edgy. Once the sequencing starts in the latter third it is especially powerful, a glimpse into the lofty heights the band would later attain. Fast forward 37 years to the Ricochet Gathering in Poland, as Meadow Run” starts with a middle eastern flavor. Guitars

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