Steve Orchard – Astral Travellers


Released: 2020 By AD Music

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1 – Dreams of Avalon
2 – Other Dimensions
3 – Shangrila
4 – Earths Edge
5 – Star Temple
6 – The Cradle
7 – Sixth Sense
8 – Atlantis Rising
9 – Future Chld
10 – Armistice
11 – Astral travellers
12 – Resolve

The first of two Steve Orchard albums for March 2020…’Astral Travellers’ is a delicately chilled and smooth flowing album of ethereal delights. It is a delightful and very melodic cosmic album, full of gentle pulsating rhythms and a clever mix of acoustic and synths plus some truly gorgeous and gently symphonic strings orchestrations. It is sometimes too easy to gush enthusiastically over a new release, but ‘Astral Travellers’ is most definitely a stunning album, with 12 exceptionally strong tracks that form a compelling cohesive whole. In our opinion, this is unquestionably Steve Orchard at his best and one of his finest works to date.

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