Steve Roach & Brian Parnham – Desert inbetween


Released: 2011 By Projekt

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  1. Opening Sky [11:03]
  2. Ancestral Passage [9:19]
  3. Serpent Gulch [11:11]
  4. Somewhere Between [7:13]
  5. Spirit Passage [4:14]
  6. Return to the Underground [17:14]MP3 soundclip of Return to the underground [3:00]
  7. When the Raven Flies [6:31]

Organic, tribal ambient rhythms, nuanced hand-made sounds and searing textures. With synthesist / percussionist / didgeridoo player Brian Parnham

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2 reviews for Steve Roach & Brian Parnham – Desert inbetween

  1. Richard Grtler / Slovakia

    Two fellow travelers, Steve Roach & Brian Parnham, have joined their forces together for this exciting trip into the expansive arid regions of the Southwest deserts. My expectations were of course really high, because some of their latest releases like Nightbloom” or “The Broken Silence” easily made my highlight list of 2010 season.

    And the album opens very impressively and colorfully

  2. Matthew Rowe / musictap

    The immense ambient expanse of The Desert Inbetween, the newest Steve Roach collaboration, this one with Brian Parham, explores a desert of secret places where there should be none. Using eerie and expanded tones to represent the chaotic environment of a land where few can exist outside the fear of the unknown, and the unforgiving.Metaphorically, the composers may have used this tone painting to examine the seemingly empty but fully lethal darkness that resides in The Desert Inbetween our own lives. A proper visit to this latest ambient episode of darkness yields the usual experience of an hour of departure that remains long after the voluntary immersion.

    The Desert Inbetween applies its continuity with a bridged seven tracks. And while the titles act as a sort of signpost, or mile marker, they are truly segments of a massive symphony to be played back in its entirely, at each sitting. Steve Roach has long successfully created the musical equivalent of the various stages of humanity and their struggles mixed with the confusion of their darkness. It is a recurring musical trademark that sifts through these theatres of life, often with attendant fear. Brian Parnham, Roachs co-composer of this album, brings a strong set of instrumental and percussion skills, as well as strong visionary composition to the completeness of The Desert Inbetween.

    If you like a great ambient experience, an often unvisited treat since the early days of Rock and the brilliance of great composers (Hoenig, Froese, to name a few pioneers), then the immerse ambient darkness if The Desert Inbetween will trip your brain with explosive synaptic impact. Visit The Desert Inbetween. Like much of Steve Roach ambient works, you won’t soon forget it.

    2011. Matthew Rowe / musictap

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