Steve Roach – Immersion 2


Released: 2006 By Steve Roach

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  1. Immersion: twoMP3 soundclip of Immersion: two [3:00]

Long-form ambient

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3 reviews for Steve Roach – Immersion 2

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2006 offers 73 minutes of pure ambience.

    This release offers a solid dose of ambience in its purest form. Tonalities unfurl with unflinching lassitude, unmarked by discernible variance. An atmosphere of constancy is achieved, moody and soothing, yet actually slowly mutating as it slides along a harmonic beam. Auxiliary textures surface with immense subtlety, merging with each other to form thicker resonance.
    Soft, almost hesitant noises appear, sparks illuminating the sparse environment with tender gurgling and synthetic rattling.The soundscape is breathing, but the cycles of contraction and expansion are so distended as to become inconspicuous changes in the even flow of ethereal substance. As the piece continues, however, these pulsations become more apparent as the music flexes with luxuriant demeanor.Darker elements begin to show up, as if the sighing soundscape has entered a region of higher density that produces deeper echoes of the somber oscillation.Obviously, this recording is intended to provide the listener with a calming backdrop that promises to be un intrusive yet subtly engaging, affecting the subconscious by gently stroking the periphery of concentration.

    2006. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    If you liked IMMERSION: ONE, it is no stretch of the imagination to virtually assure that you will like volume two in the series. And if the title Artifact Ghost” sounds familiar to fans

  3. John Shanahan

    I will confess to have something of a predilection for the Immersion series. IMMERSION: ONE looped for nine straight hours during my daughter’s birth and was the perfect accompaniment to the event, bringing palpable quiet and ease in the wake of labor pains and providing a soft, breathy aural cushion for the little girl’s arrival. And so I expected quite a bit from its follow up. No need to worry.

    IMMERSION: TWO takes the deep-drift mantle laid down by its predecessor and moves the form and the series forward. The sole long-form piece, the aptly titled Artifact Ghost”

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