Steve Roach – Journey of One


Released: 2011 By Projekt

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  1. Journey of One, Part One
  2. Journey of One, Part Two

This is a pinnacle live performance captured during the zenith of Steve’s rich tribal-ambient origins of the mid-1990’s.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    No need to hide it, Steve Roach is a character as important as Klaus Schulze in the universe of ambient and progressive EM. Over the years, the Californian synthesist has threaded some real masterpieces of music as much ambient as tribal and sequenced. Journey of One retraces a little bit these genres during a concert held in Sacramento, on November 8th, 1996. Back then, the somber wind maker was at the peak of his inquisition of a strange tribal and ambient musical universe. Alone on stage the one-man band gave a stunning performance of meditative and clanic EM, jumping from an instrument to another and offering a great musical act as much hallucinating as mesmerizing.

    An Aeolian turbulence sends dark winds which swirl at the opening of Journey of One. Streaks of an unearthly synth coat this Aeolus din, pushing remote murmurs to whisper at the edge of clanic tam-tams. Steve Roach weaves his rhythmic canvas with powerful ethnic percussions which sound an alert under a sky darkened of ululating streaks and aboriginal spectral lamentations. This spasmodic movement which introduces the intro of Journey of One (Part One)” becomes more sensual and more bewitching with slower percussions which drum lazily

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