Steve Roach – Landmass


Released: 2008 By Steve Roach

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  1. Transmigration [15:31]MP3 soundclip of Transmigration [1:45]
  2. Cerulean Blue Sky Over a Seared Desert Wasteland [15:36]
  3. Monuments of Memory [11:22]
  4. Alluvial Plain [9:46]MP3 soundclip of Alluvial plain [1:42]
  5. Trancemigration [7:52]
  6. Stars Begin [6:51]

Surreal shape shifting grand adventure in sound

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2 reviews for Steve Roach – Landmass

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Steve Roach excels at continually evolving and reinventing himself. Steve has seemingly explored every nook and cranny of space music, and yet new releases like Landmass continue to show how much undiscovered country remains. Of course there are reference points, familiar sounds, and the usual Steve Roach je ne sais quoi, but the boundaries continue to be stretched and redefined.

    There is a gently chugging rhythm to Transmigration” with deep pulsing bass and expansive synth textures washing over the top of it all. Though the pace is active the mood is calm

  2. Chuck van Zyl / Star’s End

    Over the years STAR’S END has hosted many live in-studio on-air concerts, usually with artists fresh from The Gatherings Concert Series stage. Having played to a sold-out house earlier at The Gatherings, Steve Roach embarked on the second leg of the aforementioned music marathon on the 05.20.07 broadcast of STAR’S END.
    The radio concert began pretty much in the same zone as where the public performance left off. But playing on STAR’S END is meant to open up a space for discovery, and Roach turned from music for The Gatherings community to atmospheres for an audience each in their own dream space.
    From this two-hour excursion Roach has culled the CD Landmass (67’51).

    With its six distinctive phases

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