Steve Roach – Live Transmission


Released: 2013 By Projekt

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    Disc# 1

  1. In the Light of Day [21:54]
  2. Zone of Drones [7:46]
  3. Looking for Safety [14:32]
  4. Reflecting Chamber [11:31]
  5. Kairos Portal [4:39]
    Disc# 2

  1. Vortex Immersion [32:26]
  2. Westwind [16:49]
  3. Today [16:40]

Melancholy space music from the live recordings of Soma FM.

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2 reviews for Steve Roach – Live Transmission

  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    It may be just ambient music, it remains not less fascinating! Steve Roach does it again and blows out our minds with a stunning live document. Yes, Live Transmission – From the Drone Zone at Soma FM sounds like most of the Californian synth charmer works. But as every time, Steve Roach brings a little something different. Whether it’s a momentary source of inspiration or an idea collected in the air of time, the great master of the long ambient structures is still capable of making sing the wind and to make roar out rocks with a renewed energy. Recorded live in the SomaFM studios in San Francisco, this last Steve Roach’s sonic adventure offers a fabulous balance between the enveloping ambient spheres and the bewitching shamanic rhythms which seduced so much on Dreamtime Return. Proposed and delivered without any overdubs, Live Transmission – From the Drone Zone at Soma FM offers two long phases, and a magnificent conclusion, which give all the latitude to Steve Roach to exploit completely his concepts of evolutionary structures which present breathtaking sonic landscapes.

    The intro of In the Light of Day” is used as pretext for the magician of dunes in order to warm his synths. The atmosphere is of silk with these abstract tones which interlace into iridescent colors between our ears. The headphones well in place

  2. Richard Grtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

    This double CD, released by Projekt during August 2013, documents two-hour live performance from The Drone Zone radioshow at SomaFM at May 7th, famous commercial-free internet-only radio station based in San Francisco. Officially launched in February 2000, the Drone Zone was its first station. Hosted by Rusty Hodge, the founder of Planned and discussed for few years to create a first-time-ever live electronic transmission directly from the SomaFM headquarters, this live session followed only two days after Steve’s concert at applauded AMBIcon 2013 festival in San Rafael, CA. Steve Roach traveled to the SomaFM’s headquarters with a portable version of his Timeroom Studio. Listening to a live stream of this performance was for me a truly magical experience that still deeply resonates. Now, with this double CD each connoisseur of fine ambient soundscapes is able to transport these exceptional moments directly to his/her own listening environment. Packaged in elegant 6-panel digipak featuring 4 live photographs taken by Rusty Hodge. Additional credits for packaging include Dawn Wilson-Enoch for Spiral Fossil photo and Sam Rosenthal for graphic design.

    22-minute long In The Light Of Day” fires this unforgettable journey with gorgeously ebbing and flowing ethereal atmozone. Later on occasional crystalline rumble step in and awakes primordial shaman. Soon followed by gently invasive

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