Steve Roach – Magnificent void


Released: 1996 By Hearts of Space

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  1. Between the Gray and the Purple [7:42]
  2. Void Memory One [2:53]
  3. Infinate Shore [7:47]MP3 soundclip of Infinite shore [3:00]
  4. Cloud of Unknowing [10:38]
  5. Void Memory Two [3:40]
  6. Void Memory Three [3:41]
  7. The Magnificant Void [13:13]
  8. Altus [20:01]

Typical Roach landscapes. Wide and endless

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1 review for Steve Roach – Magnificent void

  1. Jon Fry

    If Seinfeld was the show about nothing, The Magnificent Void may well be the album about nothing. Guessing from the title and Stanislav Grof’s distressingly New Age theories about the Void” on the back cover

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