Steve Roach – On this planet


Released: 1997 By Hearts of Space

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  1. Heart of the Tempest [4:36]MP3 soundclip of Heart of the tempest [3:00]
  2. Journey of One [3:38]
  3. The Nexus Place [7:05]
  4. Trilobite [3:33]
  5. Void Memory 4 [5:36]
  6. Cloud Watching with the Toolmaker [5:41]
  7. The Ecstasy of Travel [4:59]
  8. Remember It Now [10:36]
  9. A Darker Star [13:19]
  10. On this Planet [14:06]

Contemporary ethno, electronic

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  1. Andy / Wales

    I bought this CD at the same time as The Magnificent Void. Whereas the Void CD is definitely deep space ambient in nature, On This Planet also reflects Steves other, much more visceral and rhythmic sound explorations.
    This is a collection of music recorded in live performances and Steve describes it as carved from the live experience” and that he wanted to capture the intensity released in that situation.

    The music starts with a thunderstorm before various voices and other noises slowly emerge. A poem is spoken

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