Steve Roach – Origins


Released: 1993 By Fortuna

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  1. Artifacts [12:22]MP3 soundclip of Artifacts [2:59]
  2. Connected Underground [11:13]
  3. Clay, Wood, Bone, Dirt [6:22]
  4. In The Eyes Of The Spirit [7:56]
  5. The Face In The Fire [11:49]
  6. Dreaming Now, Then [18:58]

Primordial shamanic electronic music

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  1. Darren Bergstein / Muze

    Origins may be the pinnacle of an ascent into the mystic and primordial places Roach began to visit on Dreamtime Return, the Suspended Memories project and World’s Edge. The circulating didgeridoo patterns that fully imbibe this record are not only its’ tonal center, but the electro-acoustic nature that is the heart of its sound, and Roach meticulously, passionately utilizes its earthy ferocity and multi-timbale frequencies to its fullest. Clay

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