Steve Roach – Rasa Dance


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  1. Gone West [7:27]
  2. Truth And Beauty [8:29]
  3. Nightshade [9:04]
  4. Flatlands [4:55]
  5. Merge [6:21]
  6. Hearts Core [8:49]
  7. Eye Of Noche [13:19]
  8. Where Rasa Lives [15:01]

This collection of pieces was refined over several years of movement magic between horses and humans.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    How many decades and eras crosses Steve Roach’s career? How many albums, solo or in collaborations, fills this career? I say that like that; approximately 130 albums since the first movements of sequences on Now (I still haven’t hear Moebius) since 1982 to today.

    Throughout these ages, Steve Roach has kissed all the styles that ambiospheric EM has been able to generate, going even into the ethnic rhythms and the spheres of Berlin School. Why this introduction to Rasa Dance-The Music of Connection? Because this last Steve Roach album, which is a kind of musical will about the relation between a horse (Tabula Rasa) and his master (Linda Kohanov), is a compilation, too short, of works and especially styles which mark out some periods as far as 1989.

    Gone West”

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