Steve Roach – Storm surge


Released: 2006 By Steve Roach

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  1. On This Planet (Opening)
  2. Mystic Passage
  3. Wings of Icarus
  4. Core MeditationMP3 soundclip of Core meditation [3:00]
  5. Void Passage-Portal
  6. Possible Planet
  7. NEARstorm
  8. End Portal
  9. Touch the Pearl
  10. Darktime


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  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Steve was only given 45 minutes to show the audience at NEARfest what he could do, so he made the most of it with this set. Very much like ON THIS PLANET, it covers a wide variety of his recent material. Unlike that release, this one is the real deal, unedited, as it happened, not a studio reinterpretation.
    The visceral power is there, from the thunder-charged opening of This Planet” to the softly fading didgeridoo at the end of “Darktime”. In between

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