Steve Roach – Streams & currents


Released: 2002 By Projekt

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  1. Present Moment [7:52]MP3 soundclip of Present moment [2:58]
  2. Spirit Moves [28:37]
  3. Slow Rising [14:38]
  4. Almost Touching [13:56]
  5. Ebb [4:52]
  6. Flow [4:00]


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2 reviews for Steve Roach – Streams & currents

  1. Steve Roach

    This all-new release, recorded late Summer 2001, is an evolution from earlier footsteps first taken on MIDNIGHT MOON. Utilizing the guitar as a painterly tool, Steve’s continuing evolution of atmospheric processed guitar-based zones provides a harmonically rich world full of nuance and subtlety, built from webs of melody and pure texture. STREAMS & CURRENTS is imbued with an ephemeral quality that seems to linger at the edge of conscious perception, creating an introspective, enveloping flow of mood-altering pieces. The album progresses into deeper, darker, warmer, and quieter zones, towards a beautiful submerged ending. The mercurial ebb and flow found within STREAMS & CURRENTS creates a sanctuary that is rarely found in today’s music. In his own silent way, Steve Roach has created the perfect atmosphere for contemplation and dreaming with eyes open. Recommended for continuous playback.

    Sometimes the best laid plans will dissolve into thin air… STREAMS & CURRENTS was the result of a steady flow of deeply-inspired late night sessions immediately after CORE was completed just a few months ago. This music is absolutely as far from CORE as one could imagine

  2. Bryan Reesman

    The name Steve Roach has been synonymous with ambient music for years. His latest excursion into late-night musical improvisations explores the purely ethereal side of his signature style without percussion, except for the second track, Spirit Moves. Even there, the rhythmic propulsion is gentle. The six compositions making up this 74-minute epic have been fashioned from Ebow, electric guitar, and various digital processing gear. Yet, while the instrumental origins of the album are electric and electronic, the end results are organic, as if they were literally streaming forth from the composer’s subconscious. As with many Roach recordings, the music twists and weaves in abstract ways, traversing a ghostly path through one’s imagination. As an aural narcotic, it is certainly an effective stress-reliever. Although the guitar sounds add a fresher element to Streams & Currents, the album ultimately does not break much new ground in this composer’s massive catalog, but Roach‘s disciples will certainly find much to enjoy while journeying along its shadowy sonic trails.

    2002. Bryan Reesman

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