Steve Roach – Structures from silence 40th Anniversary (1CD version)


Released: 2024 By Projekt

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Disc 1: Structures From Silence 2024 Remastered Edition

  1. Reflections in Suspension  [16:46]
  2. Quiet Friend  [13:23]
  3. Structures From Silence  [28:48]

Special 40th Anniversary Remastered 2024 Edition (1-CD)

Projekt celebrates the 40th anniversary of this ambient classic with a beautiful remastered limited edition LP, 1CD, & 3CD.

Structures from Silence‘s breathing, suspended embrace of atmospheres and serene melodies instantly struck a chord with listeners in 1984; the album continues to reiterate its timeless resonations with new listeners today.

On this landmark recording of gentle proportions, the three long-form tracks were the birth of something new: an original and pure statement striking a balance between diaphanous and understated, deep and reflective. The listening experience evokes a sense of silence within the music as well as the space between the chords. It expresses the breath of life and offers a meditation on delicate strands of subtle awareness.

Forty years later, Structures from Silence remains an iconic American release in the ambient and electronic genres. It’s a well-respected soundtrack for contemplation, relaxation, meditation, and creativity. Emotional, powerful, and enriching, it is a living example of the true healing quality that music can hold.

Steve reflects, “Structures from Silence remains a still point in suspended time for me when looking back over the… more
released February 16, 2024

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