Stockman & Mac of Bionight – Solar mission


Released: 2008 By Syngate Records
Condition: 2nd hand

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  1. Solar Mission [5:42]
  2. Space Travel [8:30]MP3 soundclip of Space travel [0:59]
  3. Closing In [5:27]
  4. Solar Orbit [2:42]
  5. Heat [7:43]
  6. Sun Flares [8:07]MP3 soundclip of Sun flares [1:00]
  7. Probe One [4:26]
  8. Data Stream [8:00]MP3 soundclip of Data stream [0:59]
  9. Energy Station [6:23]
  10. Leaving Orbit [7:05]
  11. Solar Mission [2:47]

Transmitting energy directly from the sun to Earth: a wild theory that became a project. Nice synth melodies, and sequencing

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  1. Mac

    I don’t remember which of us had the idea to make an album together, but when Godfried and I started working on it, the whole thing just flowed out so very easily and pleasantly to be almost impossible to believe…
    Godfried came up with the album concept and a first draft of the story, which was then broken down into chapters” (tracks

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