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1.Hadean Eon (Earth’s Formation) – 04:56
2.Archean Eon (Life Beginning and Photosynthesis) – 06:39
3.Proterozoic Eon (Oxygen Crisis and First Snowball Earth) – 11:32
4.Paleozoic Era (Transformation – Animals and Plants Emanate onto Land) – 07:05
5.Mesozoic Era (First Mammals and Birds) – 06:50
6.Cenozoic Era (Climate changes; Homo Habilis and Evolution) – 07:48
7.Anthropocene (Humans Impact Earth’s Geology and Ecosystems) – 05:56
8.Precambrian (Earth’s Geologic Time Scale Impact) – 11:42

Sverre Knut Johansen turns back the clock, peering into the distant past on his fourth Spotted Peccary release, PRECAMBRIAN. Focusing his conceptual musical lens on the prehistoric development of planet Earth and its inhabitants, Johansen is joined by noted electronic music maestro and soundscape pioneer Robert Rich to create a deeply compelling ambient-electronic odyssey that serves as a virtual soundseeing tour through our planet’s vivid history.

Each track on PRECAMBRIAN takes the listener through significant geological periods and evolutionary events of Earth’s 4.6 billion year history, bringing the epochs and eons to life through musical poetry and recorded natural sounds. The sonic landscapes, both organic and electronic, are always deep and captivating, evolving through abstract amorphous spaces, peaceful harmonious moods, and dramatic eventful moments.

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