Sylvain Carel – Caravansary


Released: 2012 By AD Music

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  1. The Doors of Jerusalem
  2. Shahrazad
  3. Nile
  4. Amazones
  5. Fever
  6. Now and tomorrow
  7. Waiting for You
  8. Tales of M�
  9. Voices of the Dunes
  10. Secrets of the Caravan
  11. Voice of the Sand
  12. Just a dream
  13. Ethereal
  14. Taj Mahal
  15. Two Small Shoes
  16. Endless
  17. Rani Dreams
  18. Aurora
  19. Odyssey
  20. Shador
  21. The Lotus and the Mountain
  22. Return to Kashmir

This is a stunning new album containing 22 interlinked tracks presenting a wonderful musical voyage spanning numerous electronic and world music stylealmost Vangelis meets Hanns Zimmer.

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