Syndromeda – Alien abduction phenomenon


Released: 2001 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. The choosen one [5:33]
  2. No more fear [19:10]
  3. Mystic cave [13:45]
  4. After the abduction [8:10]
  5. A new start [14:13]
  6. Wavegames [9:54]MP3 soundclip of Wavegames [3:01]

Analog sounds and sequencing

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3 reviews for Syndromeda – Alien abduction phenomenon

  1. Jim Brenholts

    The Alien Abduction Phenomenon features Syndromeda, nee Danny Budts, doing what he does best. This densely atmospheric and heavily sequenced CD is another sci-fi soundscape with massive walls of sound and expansive passages of dark minimalism. Danny weaves a tale of space exploration and the unknown dangers therein. Deep listeners will take the journey as well, carried by the rhythm. The rhythm is either overt (sequenced) or self-generated (minimal). It is always there. A deep synth drone provides continuity for the thematic integrity as listeners explore the mystic worlds of abduction. The dark minimalism forebodes mystery and, perhaps, danger lurking in the shadows. There is no crescendo, ergo, no dnouement. The mystery and danger never materialize. They are present but they do not take over. Danny has created another space music essential. This is an early in 2001s top ten!

    2001. Jim Brenholts

  2. Mattens Dirk / Belgie

    Na het beluisteren van The Alien Abduction Phenomenon”

  3. Paul Rijkens

    This release is the first joint project by Groove Unlimited and Neu Harmony. It is the fifth album by Belgian synthesist Danny Budts (he also made an album with Chaos, called Syndromeda In Chaos”). When “Birth Of A Black Hole”

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