Syndromeda – Liftoff to Infinity


Released: 2024 By Syngate Records

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1. Five – 09:00
2. Four – 09:49
3. Three – 09:30
4. Two – 12:41
5. One – 12:42
6. Ignition – 04:32
7. Liftoff to Infinity – 08:58

Syndromeda composed an album with a countdown to a “Liftoff to Infinity”
The music is quite different to what you are used to hear from Syndromeda, more melodic, more Berlin School and a trip to ambient spheres in space. Something to sit back, relax and liftoff! And yes, despite this new sounds its still definitively anything, Syndromeda fans will recognize this music as another fine compostion of Danny Budts on his familiar and some new synthesizers.

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