– AeroDynamics

 8,90 10,00

Released: 2007 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Scuderia [5:42]
  2. DownForce [6:20]
  3. Maranello [6:17]
  4. SuperSonic [5:30]
  5. Drag [4:37]MP3 soundclip of Drag [2:04]
  6. Turbulence [6:12]
  7. Stall [4:28]
  8. Modena [6:17]MP3 soundclip of Modena [2:19]
  9. AeroDynamics [6:42]
  10. Falcon [4:35]
  11. AirFlow [5:30]
  12. Lift [5:55]MP3 soundclip of Lift [2:30]

12 dynamic, versatile tracks

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  1. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    Marillion nous avait dj fait le coup avec son Michel van Osenbruggen va plus loin encore puisque c’est son pseudo qui pointe vers son site. Mais part a, aucun lien avec le quintette d’Albion.

    AeroDynamics est un album trs conventionnel, absolument dans la ligne d’un Jean-Michel Jarre ou de notre compatriote Frank Van Bogaert. Certaines compositions sont aussi orientes space rock et ds lors rejoignent les univers dvelopps par Quantum Fantay ou Ozric Tentacles. Les 12 compositions font rfrence de prs ou de loin aux rgles de l’arodynamisme mais il faut voir dans le titre de l’album un autre hommage au synthtiste franais (Aero a t un spectacle de JMJ). Van Osenbruggen fait preuve d’un rel sens du rythme et de beaucoup de recherches de sonorits. Les quelques interventions bruyantes d’une Ferrari F1 ou d’un dragster sont du meilleur effet, quoiqu’avec Scuderia et Drag comme titres, nous pouvions nous y attendre.

    En bref, un excellent premier album.

    2010. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

  2. Bert Strolenberg /

    The musician behind Synth.Nl is the Dutchman Michel van Osenbruggen, who started recording music for his concept album AeroDynamics” in 2006.
    Although I cant say the cd-cover to it is that attractive to me

  3. Chris Wood

    First of all, I want to congratulate with his very first album.The cd tracks sound very refreshing to me. I like the racetrack-samples he used very much. They really give something special to the song.
    While listening the CD over and over again, you will find a real cohesion or chemistry between the tracks. Sure, I do have my own favorite tracks but that’s personal. You have to listen to it to discover.
    I can’t wait for the next album and I want to give Michel a lot of positive power for his next production. Thumbs up.One thing more.
    The cover, which I like, is something personal. You like it, or you don’t. But it doesn’t say anything about the music. Like a painting, the frame is just a choice of finishing touch, what counts is the painting itself. You have to look through it.
    It is a really good product so I would say, buy it!!!

    2007. Chris Wood

  4. Sylvain Lupari / Guts of Darkness

    A Ferrari over Mars! How does it sound to you? Syncopate rhythms which roll on beautiful involving sequences! Does that interest you? Here AeroDynamics, the 1st opus from the Dutch synthesist Michel Van Osenbruggen. As much to say it first, you wont find complex sequences, nor long atmospheric passages. No, is from Jean Michel Jarre (new grinding) school, Moonbooter and a punchy zest of Kraftwerk. So rhythm, lot of rhythm with solid percussions on unbridles sequences.

    With a title like Scuderia, we are not surprise to hear tires bitten vacuum as intro. The tempo is easily install on beautiful stroboscopic sequences and a synth with spacey atmospheres, which encircle a musical setting worthy of the last Jean Michel Jarre. Involving and percussive, Scuderia represents perfectly the musical mood that follows with the 12 other titles on AeroDynamics. Superb melodies with sequences animated of sensuality like Downforce, Stall and AirFlow, are scattered among strong nevrotic impulses such as Drag, Turbulence and Falcon. Admittedly, there are moments with strange and doubtful atmospheres, as the title track, Modena and Lift, but they are quickly packed of frantic tempo which strikes the walls from their jerked effects and musical resonance, though Lift remains rather quiet compared to the remainder.

    Simple, but brilliantly effective, AeroDynamics is an album of EM which revolves between the zones of a moderate Techno and short floating ambiances which encircle syncopate tempos, sometimes unbridle.
    If you like an intelligent music which strikes audacity neurotics sequencers, Synth.nls AeroDynamics is simply indicated to you.

    2007. Sylvain Lupari / Guts of Darkness

  5. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    I just finished reviewing a very dark ambient album, and was in need of a fast antidote. I quickly reached for the new disc by new talent, a Dutch musician by the name of Michel van Osenbruggen. I had already listened to it a couple of times, and knew that it would be the perfect way to get my energy back. This is totally fun, upbeat, optimistic music. The albums title derives from van Osenbruggens love of planes, cars, and other aerodynamic phenomena.

    We get to hear race cars whizzing by in the opening seconds of the opening track, Scuderia”. Bass synth pulses and skittering percussion set a light tone as bright glassy electronics ensue. lists Jean Michel Jarre as an influence

  6. Mikey / US

    This has to be one of the best EM cds of the year, no doubt.

    First track very reminiscent of JMJ, the rest, JMJ on steroids, the music that is. I also put David Morleys : Ghosts up there with this one as well as Create: Space Time Continuum, and FSP: Gent, Brendan Pollard: Flux Echoes, i know i missed alot others but just to give you an idea.
    Sound production and mastering have to be amongst the best i have ever heard.Michel did a fascinating job, building each track into something spectacular, but each piece is different in its own. Everything from the sequencing, drum programming, synth solos , f/x, and sampling are all excellent, you would think he made 20 cds by now, considering the high quality put into this project. Some EM these days lacks quality, you obviously can tell when someone puts their heart and soul into a project like this and Michel certainly did.
    Great Job Michel

    2008. Mikey / US

  7. Jesse Clark / USA

    I’d like to start by saying that there is not one good track on this entire CD. They are all EXCELLENT!
    It has been a long time since I have been this excited about an album/CD. Every track on Aerodymics” is bursting with energy. The theme of the CD is the aerodynamic aspects relating to planes and race cars

  8. Elley Wilson / Canada

    And from the truly inspired imaginings of (aka Michel van Osenbruggen), we have the debut album worthy of some praise and appreciation.

    I love the very wisely selective use of sequencers and inserts… there’s a love of music here that stretches right back to the heart of the late seventies/eighties and comes skipping relentlessly back to now. Production is rather neat indeed and I know as a MySpace Flight Commander, Michel is adored by the electronica consuming masses!
    Watch out for the Jarre reflections; they’re well composed and arranged and make you want to take a nice long break to the other half of the sky where this album originates from.My favorite little pieces of magic are delivered in the form of ‘Scuderia’, ‘DownForce’, ‘AeroDynamics’, and ‘Falcon’ (an appreciation of my kind of avionics!). In fact… Falcon is my all time favorite so far… but the other tracks I didn’t highlight are gnawing at me for a second play!

    I love this album and I do not care what anyone else has to say.. It’s mine now… all mine… Thanks Michel!

    2008. Elley Wilson / Canada

  9. Bix Brillo / USA

    Aerodynamics is a brilliant piece of work…the best CD i have heard by ANYONE in the last few years…brilliantly composed, recorded, and produced…nice work michel…am already itching for your next release…

    2008. Bix Brillo / USA

  10. Edgar Kogler

    The music by submerges us into a waterfall of vitality and dynamism. Starting from a basis with roots in the Synth-Pop and the most futuristic trends of Techno, the composer shapes a solid collection of themes that gather several of his most personal influences.
    In the CD, the listener can perceive, for example, subtle touches of Space Music, Progressive Rock and Electronic Jazz.

    2008. Edgar Kogler

  11. Mark Jenkins

    One of the most acclaimed Groove releases of recent years, this one’s inspired by motor racing and so at least has some kind of theme to follow through the course of the CD.

    Here we’re looking at a delightful mix of Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk (though as usual with no vocals) created by Dutch keyboardist Michel van Osenbruggen, with the opening Scuderia” laced with racing car noises

  12. Carsten / ox-fanzine

    Eine CD rund um das Thema Luftwiderstand und seine Freunde”! Warum eigentlich nicht? Und wenn es so berzeugend bearbeitet und vorgetragen wird wie von diesem Solo-Projekt des Hollnders Michel van Osenbruggen

  13. Stephan Schelle / DE ist ein neuer Name in der Elektronik-Szene (ein gut gewhlter Name fr die Nutzung des Internets). Hinter diesem Pseudonym verbirgt dich der Niederlnder Michel van Osenbruggen. Er hat beruflich seit Jahren mit Elektronik zu tun und begann im Jahr 2005 damit seine eigene Musik zu machen. In 2006 begann er dann mit den Stcken zu dem jetzt, im Herbst 2007 verffentlichten Debtalbum ‘Aerodynamics’. Das Cover, das eine Computerlandschaft mit einem Formel 1-Boliden zeigt und der Titel des Albums weisen schon darauf hin, dass es bei der Musik von um Geschwindigkeit geht. Michel schreibt in dem vierseitigen Booklet, das Erluterungen zu jedem einzelnen Track enthlt auch, dass er sich von seiner Liebe zum Formel 1-Rennsport und seiner Zeit beim Militr, als er als Mechaniker einer F-16 eingesetzt war, hat leiten lassen.
    Titel von Stcken wie ‘Scuderia’, ‘Maranello’, ‘Drag’, ‘Turbulence’ oder ‘AirFlow’. besttigen dies.

    Die CD startet mit ‘Scuderia’ und zur Untersttzung dieses Titels lsst Michel gleich mal einen Boliden von links nach rechts durch die Boxen rauschen. Auf dem Album finden sich sehr schne melodische und rhythmische Stcke, die sofort ins Ohr gehen. Lange ausgedehnte Stcke sind nicht Michel’s Ding, er kommt schnell auf den Punkt und so sind auch nur Stcke mit Laufzeiten zwischen 4:28 und 6:42 Minuten auf der CD zu finden. Herrliche Melodien mixt Michel mit Soundeffekten und passenden Rhythmuspassagen.
    Mal zischt es wie bei ‘DownForce’ aus den Lautsprechern, dann hrt man wieder Motorenlrm wie bei ‘Maranello’. Letztgenanntes Stck knnte auch Musik fr eine Dokumentation sein, dabei kann ich mir gut fahrende Formel 1-Rennwagen auf einerm Testgelnde vorstellen. Wenn nach gut zwei Minuten der Rhythmus einsetzt wird der Track sogar tanzbar. Ein Stck herauszuheben fllt nicht leicht, weil alle einen gleich guten Qualittsstandard aufweisen. Auerdem kann der Kufer Einzelheiten zu den jeweiligen Stcken aus erster Hand dem Booklet entnehmen.
    Mit ‘Drag’ hat er aber ein Stck dabei, das mich sofort infiziert, eine Mischung aus Klngen la Jarre und Clubsounds.

    Michel sollte mal drber nachdenken, ob er die CD RTL oder anderen Sendern, die ber Formel 1-Rennen berichten, zukommen lsst. Vielleicht hren wir dann den ein oder anderen Track bei der bertragung der nchsten Saison, denn da wrden sich die Stcke auch gut machen. Mit ‘Aerodynamics’ ist Michel aka ein wirklich gelungenes Debt geglckt. Wer eingehende Melodien mit elektronisch erzeugtem Equipment mag, der sollte unbedingt in dieses Album hineinhren. Mir gefllt es jedenfalls sehr gut.

    2007. Stephan Schelle / DE

  14. Jorge Sergio / Spain es el nombre artstico del sintetista holands Michel Van Osenbruggen. AeroDynamics es su primer trabajo publicado y, sin duda, una buena forma de presentarse en el mercado musical electrnico. Con melodas frescas y secuencias adictivas, est inspirado por la propia pasin de Michel por los sintetizadores (que colecciona desde 1991) y los efectos de la aerodinmica en aviones y coches de carreras.
    Como l mismo comenta, todos los temas del disco (12 en total) han de referirnos a coches, aviones o el fenmeno de la aerodinmica. Musicalmente, esa dinmica queda bien patente en todas las piezas, de un estilo electrnico muy correcto y bien producido.

    2009. Jorge Sergio / Spain

  15. Artemi Pugachov

    Rhythmic / sequencer music from Dutch synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen. Michel became interested in synthesizers during the late 1980’s / early 1990’s. It was at that time that he started collecting electronic instruments. After a while a body of work was accumulated and by 2005 Michel was ready to release and promote his material.
    Early influences included Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

    2007. Artemi Pugachov

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