Synthex – Mirrorland

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Released: 2013 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. The First Frontier [8:21]
  2. Another Perspective [5:29]
  3. Maze of Confusion [7:40]
  4. Mirrorland [5:00]
  5. Into the Unknown [4:20]
  6. Voyage Without Limitations [5:15]
  7. Timewindows [10:13]
  8. Artificial Infinity [9:22]

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2 reviews for Synthex – Mirrorland

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    A beardless young person! A young teenager who makes electronic music! That makes serious? How a 14-year-old kid can manage to seduce adults’ ears who have more of 4 times, sometimes 5, his real-life experience? Nevertheless his music comes from Groove. A very selective label when comes the time to choose its works and its artists. Thus this is serious. Synthex is Jeffrey Haster, a young Dutch musician. A keyboard and synth virtuoso, fond of Jean Michel Jarre’s works, who has pricked the curiosity of Ron Boots, who also mastered Mirrorland, with a first homemade CD-r entitled Pythagoras that he released last year. Since then, it’s the honeymoon. The circle of the Netherlands School EM musicians became infatuated with this whiz kid who received a concert of eulogies during his performance at the last E-Day festival of 2013. And of what is made Mirrorland – The Land of No Limitations? Honestly? It’s a good album of sweet EM without complexity among which the rhythms, the ambiences and the melodies are drawn from influences which oscillate between Space Art, Thierry Fervant, Jean Michel Jarre and sometimes Gert Emmens who is also playing drums on the opening track and on Artificial Infinity”.

    And from the first cords

  2. Bert Strolenberg /

    In my opinion, it was just a matter of time before this youngster would come up with his first mature, factory-pressed release, having heard his remarkable first steps that made up Pythagoras”.

    “Mirrorland” contains 55 minutes of highly accessible melodic music

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