Tangerine Dream – Cyberjam collection


Released: 2007 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Cool Shibuya [3:54]
  2. Culpa Levis [10:08]MP3 soundclip of Culpa levis [3:00]
  3. Sad Merlin’s Sunday [8:49]
  4. Exit [4:33]
  5. Elf June and the midnight Patrol [4:42]
  6. Forth Worth runway one [5:30]
  7. Order of the Ginger grid [9:07]
  8. Iguana [5:35]
  9. At Darwin’s motel [7:31]
  10. United Goblins parade [5:47]


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  1. Kristian Persson / Sweden

    First, this record is a MUST HAVE! for any TD fan out there, as there are some really awesome tracks on this new release. A few of the songs are remastered songs from previous releases, but there are also a few newcomers. The best track IMO is Iguana, which reminds me of Jean Jarre‘s song Moon Machine”

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