Tangerine Dream – Cyclone


Released: 1978 By EMI

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  1. Bent Cold Sidewalk [13:05]
  2. Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender [5:00]
  3. Madrigal Meridian [20:28]

Franke, Froese, Jolliffe

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2 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Cyclone

  1. Philippe / France

    Many said that Cyclone shows a new musical direction in Tangerine Dream career probably due to special guests as Steve Joliffe.
    In fact it’s the first time the band decided to add vocals to their music. To experimental space music they turn to electronic rock but with merit. Only the last title can remind the previous recordings, mainly the Ricochet and Stratosphere era with its long instrumental landscapes played on analog synthesizers and punctuated by sequencers.
    The last minutes of Madrigal Meridian are distinguished by a sumptuous melody for harpsichord and flute.
    Bent Cold Sidewalk announces the color of the album. It introduces vocals in a plaintive tone accompanied by a very catchy instrumental section. The melody is very deep and beautiful.
    Rising Runner… is a more dynamic and rock affair but very original.

    I can only recommend this album for those who want to see an other and great picture of the band unless you are definitely in cold with vocals.

    2003. Philippe / France

  2. Lieven Van Paemel / Belgium

    Strange that drummer Klaus Krieger (TD for the first time as a quartet) is left out on all new releases.
    He made tracks like Madrigal Meridian” work as much as did Jolliffe.
    The poor chap shouldn’t be treated so bluntly!

    2005. Lieven Van Paemel / Belgium

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