Tangerine Dream – Dante’s inferno


Released: 2006 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Before The Closing Of The Day
  2. The Spirit Of Virgil
  3. Minotaurae Hunt At Dawn
  4. Those Once Broke The First Word
  5. Dante In Despair
  6. Io Non Mori
  7. Vidi Tre Facce
  8. At The Deepest Point In Space
  9. L�Omperador Del Doloroso Regno
  10. Voices In A Starless Night
  11. Fear And Longing
  12. Fallen For Death
  13. Where All Light Went Silent
  14. Charon, Il Barchere
  15. La Grey De Los Almas Perdidas
  16. Justice Of The Karma Law
  17. As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven
  18. Beatrice, L��me Infinie


  19. Bonus Material

Double layer. Nideggen 2002

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