Tangerine Dream – Dead Solid Perfect


Released: MIG – Sep 4, 2023

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Theme from “Dead Solid Perfect”
In the Pond
Beverly Leaves
Of Cads and Caddies
Tournament Montage
A Whore in One
Sand Trap
In the Rough
Nine Iron
U.S. Open
“My Name is Bad Hair”
In the Hospital Room
Welcome to Bushwood/Golfus Interruptus
Deja Vu (I’ve Heard this Before)
Kenny and Donny Montage
Off to See Beverly
Phone to Beverly
“Nice Shots”
Sinking Putts
Kenny’s Winning Shot

In early 1989, Tangerine Dream scored another film, released later in the year, but the soundtrack, “Dead Solid Perfect”, was not released until 1990. The CD edition was not authorized by the band, which had not the chance to prepare the material for the album release. Who knows how this music would sound like after it had been doctored. On the one hand, the band might add something, delete something else, or join some tracks into compositions longer than those featured on the CD. On the other hand, we are presented with a unique opportunity to listen to the actual score that accompanied the motion picture. It would be best to have both versions, but we should be content with the result, given the fact that more often than not in recent years, Edgar Froese is likely to spoil whatever is still worth something.
The best tracks, very good ones, comparable to those on “Miracle Mile”, are the opening ‘Theme from Dead Solid Perfect’, and then ‘Tournament Montage’, ‘My Name Is Bad Hair’ and ‘Sand Trap’, the latter (and also ‘Kenny and Donny Montage’) having much in common with the next soundtrack release, “Catch Me If You Can” of 1989. Most of other tracks are repetitions of tunes, single musical notes, miniatures, and reworkings, mixes of the same small set of ideas.

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