Tangerine Dream – Force majeure


Released: 1979 By Virgin

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  1. Force Majeure [18:17]
  2. Cloudburst Flight [7:27]
  3. Thru Metamorphic Rocks [14:30]

Froese, Franke, Krieger

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4 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Force majeure

  1. mamoun / USA

    One of my favorite TD albums, pure,mesmerizing,magical.

    2003. mamoun / USA

  2. Manuel Brum / Portugal

    One of my favorite albums of music of all time. With this one i discovered the music of T.D. back in 79, i must have played the track Cloudburst flight thousands of times then (much to the annoyance of my parents).
    Force Majeure was a happy marriage between two styles – progressive rock and electronic music, it is a masterpiece of a new genre – electronic rock and it’s a pity the band never tried more recordings like this one, although Cyclone was also an effort of electronic/progressive rock but using vocals. What is interesting in the sound of Force Majeure is the fact that are rock instruments at use (real drums, piano and lots of guitar solos) but Franke and Froese never forget for a second their cosmic years, just listen to the cosmic opening of the title track, it has a sinister feel (like an horror soundtrack) similar to the ambience of Zeit.

    Cloudburst flight must be one of my favorite T.D. tracks and it shows what an inventive guitar player Froese really is.
    Thru metamorphic rocks has the hand of Franke all over the place with that sequencer pattern . It also have different atmospheres that work beautifully – a piano intro developing to a guitar solo and concluding with electronics.
    Listening to Force Majeure is like listening to a cosmic Pink Floyd but with the savoir faire of a band that deserve well its place in the history of electronic music.

    2003. Manuel Brum / Portugal

  3. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland

    One of TD‘s Greatest albums from late 70’s. A true ambient rock album, great sequencing from Chris Franke & drums of Klaus Krieger, with Edgars creativity.

    2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland

  4. Alejandro / CHILE

    Uno de los grandes albunes de Tangerine Dream, nunca se puede olvidar en cualquier recuerdo que se hace de esta gran agrupacion

    2010. Alejandro / CHILE

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