Tangerine Dream – Great wall of China


Released: 2000 By WHD

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  1. Lights of Beijing
  2. No More Candles Burning
  3. Silence the Barking Monk
  4. Snow on Dragon’s Peak
  5. Stranded Without Shade
  6. Summer in Shauxi
  7. Cloud Face
  8. The Fourth Gate Knights
  9. Tiger Forest
  10. Year of the Monkey
  11. Zhu Zhanji

HiQualityCD. Exotic soundscapes

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1 review for Tangerine Dream – Great wall of China

  1. Jacob Pertou / Denmark

    Great Wall of China is obviously the soundtrack to a documentary about the Chinese Wall. Overall a badly produced album, but also a work of routine, with nothing to go down in history.

    However, it starts really well, with the outstanding opener, called Meng Tian. On the same height as the best from Mars Polaris, it means it’s catchy, uptempo electronica, with fresh energy. The most remarkable is the lead melody. A sampled female voice, repeatedly announces the word substance”

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