Tangerine Dream – Live at Admiralspalast Berlin


Released: 2012 By Eastgate Music

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    CD 1:

  1. Rise And Fall Of Spazoo
  2. The Sensational Fall Of The Master Builder
  3. Dolphin Dance
  4. The Cliffs Of Sydney
  5. Song Of The Whale (to dusk)
  6. Ayumi’s Loom
  7. Logos (extract)
  8. Marmontel Riding On A Clef
  9. Oriental Haze
  10. Love On A Real Train
    CD 2:

  1. Underwater Sunlight
  2. Homeless
  3. Going West
  4. One Night In Space
  5. The Silver Boots Of Bartlett Green
  6. Industrial Romantics (rough part)
  7. Ricochet (extract)
  8. Ho�l Dhat The Alchemist
  9. Lady Monk
  10. Long Island Sunset
  11. Blue Bridge
  12. Alchemy Of The Heart
    CD 3:

  1. Warsaw In The Sun
  2. Horizon
  3. Teetering Scale
  4. Transition
  5. Girl On The Stairs
  6. Loved By The Sun
  7. Stratosfear
  8. Summer (Four Seasons)
  9. Phaedra
  10. Russian Soul
  11. Ride On A Ray

Together with the CD comes a full color 16 page booklet. Enjoy a warm early summer night in Germany�s capital with a score by TD.

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