Tangerine Dream – Lost in Strings


Released: 2013 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Cloudburst Flight
  2. Beach Theme
  3. Dr. Destructo
  4. Challengers Arrival
  5. Scrap Yard
  6. Wardays Sunrise
  7. Electric Lion
  8. Ride On A Ray
  9. Marakesh
  10. Three Bikes In The Sky
  11. Blue Bridge
  12. Hamlet
  13. Road To Odessa

  1. Sungate
  2. Too Hot For My Chinchilla
  3. Spiral Star Date
  4. The Seven Barriers
  5. Lord Of The Ants
  6. Talking To Maddox
  7. Tangines On And Running (Guitar Mix)
  8. Hermaphrodite
  9. The Mysterious Gift To Mankind
  10. Wild Ocean Of Blue Fate

This double CD reflects Edgar Froese’s passionate guitar work within the last 40 years. A wonderful compilation I must admit!

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