Tangerine Dream – Miracle Mile


Released: 2018 By Sony / BMG

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  1. Teetering Scales [3:39]
  2. One For The Books [3:04]
  3. After The Call [5:11]
  4. On The Spur Of The Moment [3:00]
  5. All Of A Dither [3:24]
  6. Final Statement [3:14]
  7. In Julie’s Eyes [3:15]
  8. Runnning Out Of Time [3:30]
  9. If It’s All Over [4:34]
  10. People In The News [5:10]
  11. Museum Walk [3:12]

Froese, Haslinger

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2 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Miracle Mile

  1. Jacob Pertou / Denmark

    I’m in the lucky situation, I have both the video and the soundtrack to Miracle Mile. I don’t feel up to watching the film again, to make a review of the soundtrack. However, the music creates inner pictures, so at least there is something I can remember. That is why even the bad tracks makes sense, when you hear them, along with the pictures.
    Harry (Anthony Edwards) is on his way home

  2. Joe McGlinchey

    This was the last of the ten or so movie soundtracks that Tangerine Dream produced in the 1980s. The film Miracle Mile is something of a cult classic borne out of the US vs. Soviets face-off of the Reagan era, wherein a pre-E.R. Anthony Edwards accidentally intercepts information of imminent nuclear war. At this point, Tangerine Dream were a duo: Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger, who had joined the band several years earlier with Underwater Sunlight. This was released during their stint on former TD alumnus Peter Baumann‘s Private Music label.
    As you might expect from the Private label and this phase in the band’s career, the music is pretty monotonic.

    Squeaky clean synths play almost exclusively in minor keys, exhibiting a sense of urgency throughout meant to convey time running down in the movie. One might see this reasonably as a digital updating of the analog repetition embodied on 70s albums like Ricochet or Encore, but replacing those works’ spacey, expansive qualities inherent in the makeup of those analog synths with a mechanistic precision. There are two moments of adjournment from all the tension: On the Spur of the Moment” and “If It’s All Over”… eh

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