Tangerine Dream – Ricochet


Released: 1975 By Virgin

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  1. Ricochet Part One [16:59]
  2. Ricochet Part Two [21:05]

Froese, Franke, Baumann

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3 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Ricochet

  1. Markus / France

    If you look for one Tangerine Dream to discover, this must be the first or the Last…A best introduction to their world of instant live improvisation you can hardly find, this is a truly Gem, if you have never heard electronic music before this is the one you must listen to and try.this was nearly the first LP I bought from TD and surely won my total adhesion to these new landscapes. I had heard some nice classical music before, but this helped me far more to expend my imagination to other levels (without any help of acide or other herbs). Here you can here how to work with Modular analog Synth (Mostly Moogs at that time, and some EMS-A) on stage, using the knobs and different Sequences layer by hand, in the times were the tunings were shifting alone by the warmth of the machines.Technical approach but to create wonderful sound landscapes to refresh all kind of curiosity and sound music surprises.
    If you have some music theory and practise you can here that even that the harmonies seems simple with just a few minor chords, the ideas and the presence of these musicians Froese, Franke and Baumann are here tremendous.
    Listening carefully to all these Sequences, sometimes they seem simple and redundant, but these are not.The timbers are changing and growing all the time, and some rhythmic patterns are really bizarre with some crossings on 5 to 7 beats melted with four, and all this interleaved and sparkling everywhere.
    The electric Guitar sounds are weird enough, still remaining melodic, like colours shapes and patterns here and there.
    Here you can Hear an extensive use of the mellotrons (the Sampler ancestors) nice moving sounds, like flutes in the introduction and soft bridges of part II. Strange vocals loops here and there and metallic noises, and obviously some nice Choir masses.
    Even some nice piano touches that makes some oppositions for an electronic album.So if you look for Tangerine Dream‘s music, please don’t miss the Richochet concert… it’s their ground basis and trademark.
    Definitively, if you came on this site, it’s maybe you love Electronic music, so this one is perhaps one of which everything began and came from.

    2005. Markus / France

  2. Joe McGlinchey

    Tangerine Dream‘s first live album, stitched together from performances in France and Britain, with another iconic cover (three gaunt trunks masking the sun), though it still could stand like a studio album, as the audience is only there to provide book ended applause. The entirety of the album is in the key of C minor, as is also true for their next double-album live release Encore. Apparently, this was necessary because the band’s custom-made sequencing gear could only be set to that key.

    Part One

  3. Stale Tandberg

    Ricochet (part two) must be the best track Tangerine Dream have ever made!
    It starts with a beautiful piano tune and building up to a massive and fast synthesized driven melody! (and remember one thing..this is 1975-76!) then it fades out into a railway wasteland, just to get built up another time to another great tune. You may call this track an epic..or ricochet?…when you think that this is it, it just hit you in the forehead once again and you are hooked!
    On part one you can take part in the train journey down the lane of imaginations! The fantastic trio of Baumann\Froese\Franke has made a live album wich will stand out as a milestone for the genre they invented!!

    2003. Stale Tandberg

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