Tangerine Dream – Rocking mars


Released: 1999 By TDI Music International

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    CD #1

  1. Comet’s Figure Head
  2. Rim of Schiaparelli
  3. Deep Space Cruiser
  4. Pilots of the Ether Belt
  5. Spiral Star Date
  6. Mars Mission Counter
    CD #2

  1. �a va-�a marche-�a ira encore
  2. Astrophobia
  3. Tharsis Maneuver
  4. Outland
  5. Dies Martis
  6. Terra Gravity
  7. Wormhole Number Five
  8. Red Ocean

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1 review for Tangerine Dream – Rocking mars

  1. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland

    Again purchased this nice live album @ the Paradiso” concerts. Mars Polaris is the main theme here & much the same as the studio version but altered just enough to make it interesting to listen to. Some tracks on the studio version I lost interest in but on this one my interest was stirred up again. Great percussion from Emil Hachfeld & Guitar work from Gearld Gradwohl.
    Edgar & jerome very impressive on those keys of course.Nice packaging & deliverance. Worth adding to the TD collection.

    2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland

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