Tangerine Dream – Sessions 3


Released: 2018 By Eastgate Music

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  1. 10.05pm Session – HANSEATIC HARBOUR LIGHTS
  2. 9.10pm Session – OST

New release with 77 minutes of Music!

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1 review for Tangerine Dream – Sessions 3

  1. Erik Neuteboom / Aruba

    This CD Sessions III is my first musical encounter with the post-Edgar Froese Tangerine Dream era. And I am pleasantly surprised, to me the music sounds as a wonderful blend of 75-80 Tangerine Dream sound (my favourite TD music) and ambient. Both tracks are very long (in the old days this would have been a double vinyl album) but succeed to keep my attention, due to flowing shifting moods and tasteful work on the synthesizers, sequencers, percussion and electric violin/viola. The one moment it’s soaring strings and Mellotron flutes, a hypnotizing blend of violin/viola, synthesizers and sequencers, dreamy with piano or a distorted (like wah-wah) electric violin solo. The other moment we can enjoy pulsating sequencers, tender violin/viola and assorted percussion or mellow piano and percussion and final parts with dreamy strings and beautiful violin/viola play.

    2019. Erik Neuteboom / Aruba

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