Tangerine Dream – Space flight orange


Released: 2005 By TDI Music International

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  1. The Greek Mirror [7:30]
  2. Jupiter Space Doors [10:40]

2 tracks. Limited to 1000 copies Gone is gone!!

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3 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Space flight orange

  1. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland

    This is a Tangerine Dream Fans Dream.

    Track 1 The Greek Mirror in the style of Mota Atma.This is the one Edgar was playing on Guitar at the Concert. Its a new track never heard before the Shepards Bush Gig !! Running time is 7.30 aprox
    Track 2 Jupiter Space Doors a really cool reworked version of Phaedra nice percussion over lays that add to this timeless classic. The main element of Phaedra is retained in its glory.
    Later in the track some new sequences enter that add spice to the latter part. running time is 10.40 aprox.

    A nice rememberance of this great 2005 gig in Shepards Bush Empire on June 11th

    2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland

  2. Derek

    I would say that given the second track Jupiter Space Doors” is a (very good) Dream Mixes style makeover of Phaedra would be a fairly strong indication that there will be a DM5 released at some point in the future.
    As for “The Greek Mirror”

  3. Steve Brereton / UK

    I lost faith in TD a few years back when they seemed to dive head-long into a new-age mishmash with vocals and saxophones and Edgar Froese making it an all-family act with Jerome.
    I have always adored their 70s and early 80s work and secretly wished they’d come back to their collective senses.On first listening to Space Flight Orange, things sound spookily good. That short, snappy, commercially-orientated sound that fitted to a 3 – 5 minute track seems missing. Good. The sounds are modern. OK. The tiny flecks of Phaedra that slip in. NICE.
    Greek Mirror knocks Jupiter Space Doors into a cocked hat, though. This is kind of Poland period stuff, where the last stand of the great LP-side tracks (ignoring the directionless live miles) is to be heard. No snappy little lead-lines, just plenty of strong sequencer and themes. Maybe that’s why I prefer Redshift and their kin these days?
    Jupiter Space Doors seems to have some promise to start with, but gets a bit too caught up in the dreadful and pointless reworking that happened with the mixes.
    Loose the drums, they don’t fit with this!

    2005. Steve Brereton / UK

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