Tangerine Dream – Summer in Nagasaki


Released: 2007 By WHD

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  1. Climbing Mount Inasa
  2. In The Cherry Blossom Hills
  3. Mystery Of Life And Death
  4. Dreaming In A Kyoto TrainMP3 soundclip of Dreaming in a Kyoto train [3:00]
  5. Ayumi’s Butterflies
  6. Presentiment
  7. 11:02 AM

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2 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Summer in Nagasaki

  1. Andy K / UK

    Ok cards on the table, when I heard that ‘only’ Edgar was involved in this recording I immediately had certain preconceptions about what the music would be like (good and bad), to be honest I’m not always excited by Edgar’s solo stuff. So what do I think now? ‘for me’ this has to be Edgar’s finest recording, honestly I was left stunned by the controlled power of the music and the subject matter.
    OK, there were a few moments where I thought ‘ah, more of the same from Edgar’…but every time he saved the day. Yes there are some old sounds on this CD, but it’s brimming with new timbres and ideas, Edgar is limiting himself deliberately on SUIN, but here is a mature composer bringing everything to the table, it’s such a confident work.
    Like a few fans I first skipped to the end of the recording to see how Edgar would deal with the nuclear bomb being dropped on the city (and very impressed I was to…you’ll have to hear it for yourself).
    However when you listen to it as a whole album, leading up to that moment, then the effect is a crushing experience, a self realization that whilst you’re enjoying pure music, rushing along… that the music was like running to the center of the city and then looking up and once again you’re at the end of the track, that sound….and you’re one of the population looking up at 11.02am, and the sky has just blinked into the last thing you will ever see, a man-made sun bringing everything you know, every thought, every emotion to a close…finished…over.
    I can’t say any more…it’s music, it’s art…buy it.

    2007. Andy K / UK

  2. Dale

    This one does not do it for me either. It is faster than springtime. Over all so far with just these two, the impression I get is listening to a sample library,in this case the Vienna symphonic library. To me it was sort of like reviewing the samples, the pre made rifts and such then hearing a few twists. I am sure those who use samples know what I am saying here with out getting into the details.

    More on the Summer in Nagasaki I only played it 4 times now. I am playing it again right now for a 5th. Twice in the car on the commute, twice in the studio. Each time, including the first time, I have this urge to kick it to the next track. Only reason, hopes of finding something more exciting. It’s odd that it feels like the Dante series in many places, odd that it builds up but does not deliver in other places. Over all, I think one can find and feel Edgar’s touch readily compared to the other solo stuff he has done. If the liner notes are right, it’s a Edgar only thing. Else there is something missing. At least for me. Mood wise, this isn’t a party cd, no Poland here. I am not sure where I would play this in a other than listen to it”. Not diner music

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