Tangerine Dream – Tyger (EREACD1030)


Released: 2012 By Reactive

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  1. Tyger
  2. London
  3. Alchemy Of The Heart
  4. Smile
  5. 21st Century Common Man (Part One)
  6. 21st Century Common Man (Part Two)

    Bonus Tracks

  7. Vigour
  8. Tyger (Seven Inch Single Version)

Froese, Franke, Haslinger NEW REMASTERED 1987 ALBUM W/2 BONUS TRACKS

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1 review for Tangerine Dream – Tyger (EREACD1030)

  1. Andrew Giddings / UK

    One of a very select group of TD works that include vocals (also 1978’s `Cyclone’, the excellent final track of 1985’s `Le Parc’, the 1987 soundtrack to `Shy People’, and their recent release `Inferno’). This is probably the most commercial of those, and (as with Cyclone before it) provoked a very mixed reaction amongst fans.

    The lyrics are taken from several poems by William Blake, an English poet and mystic who lived from 1757-1827. His work is esoteric, imaginative, prophetic, and deeply rooted in the social landscape of 17th-century England. The bleakness and allegory makes it hard going, which probably didn’t do the album any favours. And yet the richness and imagery makes for an effective combination with the music.

    The vocalist is Jocelyn Bernadette Smith, an American R&B singer with a rich, deep voice that’s well suited to the subject matter. In fact, only three of the tracks feature vocals. Apparently she didn’t always share Edgar Froese‘s vision of the project, which made the recording very hard work — however, this doesn’t show: the production is excellent, and the music powerful and evocative, balancing the vocals well.

    The first track is based on what’s probably Blake’s best-known poem: Tyger! Tyger! burning bright / In the forests of the night

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