Tectonia – Anatomy of The Positronic Brain

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Released: 2024 By Tectonia

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1. Awakening 06:51
2. Taking It All In 07:43
3. Hemispheres 08:08
4. Sentient 10:41
5. The First Law 08:51
6. The Problem of Alignment 08:01
7. The Quantum Mind 07:30
8. To Be The First Is To Be The Loneliest 09:07
9. IA vs. AI (bonus track) 05:45

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This album tells the story about the awakening and ongoing existence of the artificial Intelligence that is seated in the positronic brain of the sentient robot.

No computers or robots were harmed during these recordings.
credits – released January 26, 2024

All tracks written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ricardo Verschut at the engine room recording studio.

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