Terje Winther – Electronic regions


Released: 2009 By Bajkal Records

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    CD #1: Entering Regions Suite

  1. Time [11:12]
  2. And Again [4:09]
  3. I Feel My Life [20:59]MP3 soundclip of I feel my life [1:32]
  4. Repeating (itself) [14:31]
  5. Over And Over (again) [9:58]MP3 soundclip of Over and over (again) [1:30]
    CD #2:

  1. Electronic Rendezvous [3:52]
  2. Where The Water Leaves The Road [51:53]MP3 soundclip of Where the water leaves the road [1:46]
  3. Evermore [23:26]

More than 100 minutes of Berlin School music, flavored by several worldwide essences which strikes, collides and stripes the paint out of your walls

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