Terje Winther – Trespasser


Released: 2004 By Bajkal Records

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  1. The City of Cruithne [15:52]MP3 soundclip of City of cruithne [3:00]
  2. Wishful drone around midnight [10:08]
  3. Waiting for the next wave [15:12]MP3 soundclip of Waiting for the next wave [1:33]
  4. Running through the edge [23:05]
  5. Essinc [8:44]
  6. Jumpgate shores [6:44]

70’s style retro

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2 reviews for Terje Winther – Trespasser

  1. Loren Bacon

    This cd was my introduction to the work of norwegian synth artist, Terje Winther. Before researching the music, I gave the disc a spin and was surprised to hear berlin school sounds.
    Much of it sounded like analog synthesizers, so the whole concept caught my attention.I have the blessing/curse of being old enough to have been around when the original Berlin School took off. We didnt call it that back then, but here was this incredible music being made with instruments that were so new there was no tradition on their use to restrict the artist. It was open territory that took creative experimental musicians to begin mapping out. Over the next decade, the maps were made and various music genres began adopting the unique sounds. Then along came digital synths and things really took off. Its pleasant to hear this artist looking back at what came before, and not just recreating the sounds as have some musicians, but building from what was learned back then and moving it into the contemporary world.
    When I began looking into this album, I discovered that the music was indeed of an improvised nature. This added to my enjoyment as I began to dig into this disc.The tracks also, like the Berlin School of yesteryear, are given ample time to ripen on the vine.

    The first track, The City of Cruithne, shows this with over fifteen minutes of sequencer action, shifty cosmic melodies, and the occasional bleeps and wails of analog synth tones. These longer tracks make up the lions share of the disc with four of the six tracks being more than ten minutes in length.This is certainly not to say that they ramble on endlessly, by any means. Even the longest track Running Through The Edge (around 23 minutes) has movements and sections where the beat and feel of the number alters and moves on. And yet, Winther isnt restricted exclusively to lengthy songs. The shorter numbers get to their point and dont overstate it.

    So if you enjoy electronic artists from the 70s, such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, or even Jean Michel Jarre, you would likely find this recording a fun listen.
    As for myself, I look forward to listening to more of this artist.

    2008. Loren Bacon

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Trespasser is Norwegian Terje Winthers entry into the Berlin school.

    The City of Cruithne” starts with a variety of cool space effects. A light

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