Terra Ambient – Wanderlust


Released: 2009 By Lotuspike llc

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  1. MythMP3 soundclip of Myth [0:29]
  2. Mudfoot
  3. Visionquest
  4. WanderlustMP3 soundclip of Wanderlust [0:29]
  5. Mammoth
  6. EpilogueMP3 soundclip of Epilogue [0:30]
  7. The Ghost In Me

Epic, sweeping and luscious

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5 reviews for Terra Ambient – Wanderlust

  1. Richard Grtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

    Jeff Kowal aka Terra Ambient has released his 3rd album (2nd on Lotuspike) just before the summer of 2009, so quite a long time passed since 2004 when his previous applauded The Gate” album was released. The album opens very quietly with “Myth”

  2. Roberto Vales / A Ultima Fronteria

    In 2004 we discovered a project by the name of Terra Ambient” where his music had a reference to his name and “Ambient” was inspired by our planet. Our old acquaintance

  3. Spacemusic.nl

    The new album by Terra Ambient has its own tone, its own vibe, its own and true magic. Have to say, took a second listening session before we got into the right stream sort of speak. Thats what the daily circumstances do to us. Start.

    First of all, never heard a fade-in like the first track of this album; from zero decibels to a room filled with Terra Ambient in couple of minutes. The mix is golden. The mood is just right for starting your day as well as ending is and go to bed. Jeff has done a fantastic job with this layered production: theres so much to discover each time youll hear this album. It seems it never stops to develop, simply fantastic!.

    Terra Ambient is Jeff Kowal. Jeff has been an active musician for over 15 years. Both formally trained and self-taught, Jeffs musical interests and influences span a wide spectrum of cultures. This crossover of electronic, ethnic, acoustic and experimental sounds has become the foundation of his work. Terra Ambients award-winning work can be heard in solo projects, as well as in collaborations with other artists, commercial and independent movie score, and gallery installations.

    2009. Spacemusic.nl

  4. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Jeff Kowal aka Terra Ambient makes ambient new age music with hints of several influences ranging from Robert Rich to Steve Roach, Patrick OHearn to Harold Budd, and others.

    Myth” starts the album so subtly that the music is nearly inaudible for the first minute

  5. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    Recording under the name Terra Ambient soundscape artist Jeff Kowal brings together his passion for Ambient and World Music in an impressionistic synthesis of texture, sound and atmosphere. The CD title Wanderlust (51’26) epitomizes his drift between and across genres and disciplines.

    Kowal‘s fascinating musical realm is part digital

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