The Heisenberg Compensators – Adventures of Werner and Random


Released: 2016 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Inner � 00:05:38.11
  2. Clearing � 00:08:15.63
  3. Gales � 00:07:55.36
  4. Question � 00:05:32.72
  5. Glory � 00:07:13.56
  6. Stroke � 00:06:04.72
  7. Dust � 00:05:16.24
  8. Dice � 00:06:39.23

A new exciting project full of Berlin School with guitar loops. Reminds me at times of Ashra!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    The Heisenberg Compensators is a project which saw the light of day within the framework of festival of the lights entitled Glow which is held each year in the city of Eindhoven in Holland. For this opportunity, Allard Krijger, guitarist of FRAKnoise, and Stefan Robbers, the keyboard player and synthesist of Eevolute et of Terrace, delivered a performance based on the improvisation during the festival of 2012. Following the excellent reception of the public, the duet has decided to pursue the adventure. Having been conquered by the capacities of the synth Modular Virus, Stefan Robbers suggested to create ambient music. One thing leading to another, and with the addition of other components as well as instruments forged and conceived by them, The Heisenberg Compensators, thus named after the work of the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, took shape. After a first sketch in sounds, either an album which was never released but which served as b lue print for Adventures of Werner and Random, The Heisenberg Compensators was ready to meet the requirements of the public consumer of contemporary EM. And lets see how’s that sounds

    Rather melancholic, Inner” gets between our ears with a beautiful guitar rather melodious. Its notes

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