Thomas Fanger – Parlez-vous electronique?


Released: 2005 By Manikin Records

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  1. Vanilla Crush [18:58]
  2. Twinkling Sun [8:59]
  3. Jungle Bar (album version) [8:56]
  4. The Lost Track [3:23]
  5. Velvet Beach [10:04]MP3 soundclip of Velvet beach [3:00]
  6. Pure Dreams [4:28]
  7. Aquanaut [5:06]
  8. Calm [1:11]
  9. The Land Of Milk And Honey [15:41]

With Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock

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3 reviews for Thomas Fanger – Parlez-vous electronique?

  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This CD from 2005 offers 77 minutes of energetic electronic music.
    Synthesist Fanger is joined on this release by Klaus Cosmic” Hoffmann-Hoock

  2. Chuck van Zyl / Star’s End

    Thomas Fanger brings his exquisite sensibility to bear on Parlez-vous Electronique? (77’23)

  3. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Thomas Fanger is commonly associated with musical duos, e.g. Fanger & Schnwlder, Fanger & Kersten, and Fanger & Siebert. But after hearing his strong solo offering on the Eintrittskarte sampler, I knew he had the chops to go it alone, and Parlez-Vous Electronique confirms that emphatically.

    The 19-minute tour de force vanilla crush” starts things off. A moderately paced vintage loop stutters along just so

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