Thorsten Quaeschning’s Picture Palace music – Remnants

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Released: 2013 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Portal Touch Stone Overture
  2. Neolithic Spring Water Fall
  3. Circular Earth Banking Security
  4. The Rising Dolmen
  5. The Gretchen Tragedy
  6. Night Initiation
  7. Farewell Moon And New Suns
  8. Moon Dial
  9. Blue Hour Glass
  10. Giant’s Dance On Air
  11. Walking The Burial Mounds

REMNANTS is a non-verbal 36 min film that explores the rise and fall of theNeolithic civilization of Britain via motion controlled, digital time lapsecinematography. And this is the music by Thorsten Quaeschning

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    I always believed that the artistic approach of Thorsten Quaeschning had influenced Tangerine Dream, in particular in the superb Sonic Poem Series. And as strangely as fabulously, it’s a kind of a return of favor that we witness with this Picture Palace Music’s last album which drinks literally of the nebulous ambiospheric and rhythmic paintings of Tangerine Dream at the top of its mysticism. Remnants is the last audacious sonic adventure of Thorsten Quaeschning’s band. Audacious because the Q gang has to put in music a fascinating visual odyssey, and totally dumb, on the history of the ascent and the fall of the Neolithic civilization of Great Britain, such as puts in images by the film-maker Grant Wakefield. Navigating on a slow structure, where all 11tracks get tangled up in a long symphony filled by Gothic and druidism aromas, of 60 minutes which incubate its rhythms and its atmospheres in a box bubbling constantly of black emotions, Remnants offers all the magnificence of a group which is superbly at ease in its mandates which avoid the ease.

    It’s with a silence which scolds that Portal Touch Stone Overture” pierces the blank grooves of PPM’s last thin slivery CD. Ethereal voices are floating there

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