Tim Blake – Magick


Released: 2017 By Mantra

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  1. A Magick Circle [7:00]
  2. Tonight [6:38]MP3 soundclip of Tonight [3:00]
  3. The Strange Secret Of Ohm – Gliding [12:16]
  4. A Return To Clouds [6:00]
  5. Waiting For Nati [8:32]
  6. A Dream [3:03]
  7. More Magick [7:39]
  8. With You [4:48]

Minimal home recordings

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  1. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

    This release comes from 1991. It is live in France and lasts for 56 minutes.
    By this point, Blake‘s crystal machines have continued their nonorganic growth, expanding his crystal sound and deepening its tone while retaining a shimmering vivacity. The delicacy of the electronics has become tinged with a mystical awe. The tuneage this time acts like an interface between earthbound spirits and the heavens.
    Vocals attribute specific sentiments to half of the songs. Blake‘s voice is tender and soft as he waxes lyrical on affairs of the human heart and the quest for inner peace.
    During these vocal passages, bass tones and sultry E-perc enter the mix to establish stronger rhythms. The electronics grow more complex and hyper, with effects shooting in from the side. Amid this density, playful keyboards wander through variations with evident joy.
    It is during the instrumental compositions that Blake‘s true gift shines. The moods he captures with his harmonic synthesizers are testaments to the charm of ascension through clouds to reach mystic circles. Energetic rhythms undulate in concert with lilting chords and soaring tones to produce sonic states of expanded consciousness.

    2001. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

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