Tim Blake – Tide of the century – Remastered –


Released: 2017 By Esoteric
Condition: Unreleased
Expected: May 26 2017

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  1. Matt Howarth / Soniccuriosity

    Released in tandem with the new millennium, this 44 minute CD represents Blake‘s observations of one century cresting into the next. This music examines the dichotomy between mankind’s civilized and unbridled natures, not in conflict, but in contrast.
    The electronics are sweetly clear, sparkling like snowfall against a stark night sky. These electronics dominate, but display themselves in comfortable union with relaxed E-perc, and classical piano. Hordes of curious sounds squirm in the mix, lending a playfulness to the dreaming music.
    Vocals play an essential role in these tunes, whether they be crooning about the promise of the future (in the title track), or lamenting mankind’s inhumanity (in Sarajevo”)

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