TiRa the Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 2

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Released: 2024 By Groove Unlimited

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1- Bells
2- Astrapheros
3- Cinematica
4- Over the Mountains
5- Romantic Garden
6- Chthonic
7- Dark Sanctuary
8- 2 VCO
9- North
10- Approach
11- Tree of Life

The wait is over: TIRA The Art of Dance is back – and surprised once again!
With his second CD, the ambitious musician Ralf Gülpen now offers Continuation of his sound image that takes you into the spheres. If you enjoyed the journey with the first-class debut album, he will feel picked up by the tracks on this follow-up CD! The Journey continues… and this time the immersive soundscapes take you into new, cozy realms and exciting other worlds.

The consistently spacey sounds presented on the first CD are now followed more structural musical landscapes that give the long journey a new one Add experience world. It’s a trip into unknown territory. This is where music becomes lively A world of sound that is a pleasure for the ears, body and soul
flows through. The musician didn’t skimp on surprises this time either and left it Listeners participate in his creative flow. The sounds don’t flow through only the body but convey the experience of how the inside expands without getting mentally lost.

The unmistakable hypnotic rhythm and the harmonious sound worlds have become a quality feature of TIRA. Ambient music proves itself with its joy of experimentation and complexity once again what it can do and that it can be improved. You will be guided in this adventure to be experienced and the trip is worth it definitely! As with the first album, this follow-up CD is also one continuous track created because here the musical journey is as careful and imaginative conceived sequel will be continued! Anyone who asked themselves the first CD?

Wherever the journey may take him, receive an offer here. We wish the eavesdroppers of “Endless Ambient, Part 2” a success this time too interesting listening experience as we continue the journey!

Wilfried Schüller

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