Tom Habes – Suspence Volume 2 (Rare out of print)


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1 Hell (scary and tens bed with mysterious feel) 2:03
2 Nightmare (slow suspense bed with action moments) 3:03
3 Fear Moments (fear and scary track with action and threatening parts) 3:18
4 Wrong Turn (scary bed with danger and dramatic moments) Part 1 2:17
5 Wrong Turn (scary bed with danger and tens feel) Part 2 3:03
6 Getting Closer (suspense bed with horror feel) 2:48
7 Lost Child (thriller and horror bed with some heavy moments) Part 1 3:31
8 Lost Child (thriller and horror bed with slow dramatic moments) Part 2 3:21
9 Man Hunt (suspense bed dramatic feel) 2:51
10 Blood Money (slow scary and threatening bed) 3:07
11 Dead Party (horror bed with lonesome and scary moments) 2:31
12 Child Play (mysterious tens bed with some little action drive) 3:41
13 The Beginning (threatening bed with some action parts) Part 1 3:32
14 The Beginning (threatening bed with dramatic moments) Part 2 4:04
15 Danger Zone (very dramatic and tens bed) 2:40
16 Nowhere To Go (lonely and dramatic bed with some painful moments) 3:48
17 The Search (thin medium tens drive with slow dramatic feel) 3:51
18 Evil Touch (scary and danger bed with little drive) 3:30
19 Lonely Heart (dramatic bed with heavy moments) 2:18
20 Confrontation (heavy tension bed with scary feel) 3:13
21 Enmity (slow action and tension bed) 1:42
22 Runaway (medium drive suspense bed with dangerous feel) 3:12
23 Thief (medium tens drive with scary moments and some action) 4:37

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